Ice Cream Facts - Types, Brands, Benefits, Health Effects...

Over the last two thousand years, ice creams and other frozen desserts that were created because of it managed to successfully integrate with our society as one of the most famous and delicious summer treats. Find out more about these incredible products here.

Vanilla Ice Cream

Interesting Facts about Ice Cream

As one of the oldest sweet foods in the world, ice creams managed to have many interactions with us over the last two and a half thousand years. Here you can find out some of the most interesting ice cream facts.

Chocolate Ice Cream on Stick

Ice Cream Brands

Today, ice creams can be bought no matter where you are, but several big brands control majority of ice cream industry. Here you can find out more about their history and their products.

Girl with Brain Freeze

Brain Freeze

Brain Freeze is an interesting side effect of fast consumption of cold food. Here you can find out why our bodies react that way, and why is ice cream one of primary causes for it.

Different Ice Creams

Ice Cream Types

Long history of ice creams enabled it to become popular in all countries and cultures on planet earth. Such cultural diversity and flexible basic recipe enabled ice cream to quickly be produced in thousands of styles and types. Find out about them here.

Chocolate and Ice Cream